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(50 ratings)
5 out of 5 based on 50 ratings.
50 user reviews.
testimonial quote

Absolutely the best people to work with when buying a home! My husband and I used Wright-Patterson Realty to buy our first home and they made the process so easy and understandable. Jerry was with us every step of the way and made an unusual circumstance seem like it was meant to be the way to buy a house. I was stuck in Texas due to COVID, so after a long pause on house hunting (Jerry and his team were very patient with us) my husband and parents went in my stead. Jerry made sure they felt welcomed, had all of their questions answered, had so many options available and ensured I was included in every part of the process even though I was several states away. I cannot express enough how grateful my husband and I are for Jerry and his team’s hard work and dedication to finding us our perfect home.

Ashley Denemark | Home Buyer
June 13, 2020
testimonial quote

We purchased a property with Jerry Williams and also sold a property through Jerry 8 years later, and were very satisfied with both transactions. I would recommend Jerry to anyone and would use him again!.

Doris Heading | Home Seller
June 12, 2020
testimonial quote

We had to buy sight unseen and Jerry made the process really great and easy!

Matthew & Anh G., Troy, OH | Home Buyer
February 28, 2020
testimonial quote

Jerry was most helpful in providing recommendations on preparing our property to sell. He also recommended companies for house repairs. We are very satisfied with his effort in selling our home and the way he kept us informed.

Steve and Lexie V. | Home Seller
February 28, 2020
testimonial quote

"We live out of State and Connie made this one of the Best transactions ever!  We had renters in our home and she was very respectful of them.  This is the second home She has sold for us in less than 2 years.  Within the first week of being listed, She had contracts on both!  She's one of the BEST!

Roger & Kim S., Dayton | Home Seller
February 24, 2020
testimonial quote

Wright-Patt Realty was most helpful. Jerry was prompt in responding - he got the property listed quickly and answered texts and messages promptly. Thank you Jerry for your work on our behalf representing us in the sale of the condo. We appreciate you!

Dave and Lorrie G. Rona Village, Fairborn | Home Seller
January 31, 2020
testimonial quote

I received Outstanding service! I was very satisfied with Jerry Williams' effort to sell my home and expose my home to potential buyers!

Gary P. | Home Seller
January 22, 2020
testimonial quote

Jerry, I thank you so much - you did a Great Job!

George H. | Home Seller
December 23, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry Sold our house in 1 Day! He kept us informed always and made everything easy! Jerry couldn't be a nicer person. He met our needs promptly and effciently and easy. It had been a long time since we sold a home and the whole process was a great experience!

Dan and Cheri Wyskiver | Home Seller
November 29, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry has held my hand through the process. He has unending patience and willingness to explain every step in the home buying process. The entire Wright-Patt Realty team is phenomenal! I Absolutely would recommend WRP to my friends and family!

Pat H., Beavercreek to Centerville | Home Seller & Home Buyer
October 15, 2019
testimonial quote

I am very satisfied with the level of service by Jerry Williams, Wright-Patt Realty and would use him again to buy something else or sell my home.

Robert D., Fairborn | Home Seller
October 14, 2019
testimonial quote

A family member influenced us to contact Jerry Williams to sell our home and we were very happy with the level of service provided. Jerry's thorough comparisons of similar properties was most helpful and we would contact him again in buying or selling another home in this area.

Scott and Stacey C. | Home Seller
September 27, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry managed my rental property for 10 years. When we sold our property, His pricing was spot on and we received an offer in 2 days on the market! I would recommend Wright-Patt Realty!

Alan and Sharon G. | Home Seller
August 30, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry's ability to make this transaction work at a distance through online options was most helpful. Thank you Jerry and staff for an Excellent 10 years! We could not have rented and sold our home without your dedicated service! Your website influenced our decision to do business with you.

Brian and Karen D.
August 19, 2019
testimonial quote

Thank you Jerry for All Your Help!

Taylor H. | Home Seller
August 14, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry was most helpful in providing advice as to what updates should be made to the house to get it ready for Sale. He also provided references to accomplish the work. I was referred to Jerry by a friend - working with Jerry was a very positive experience, with good advice and personal attention.

John W. | Home Seller
August 12, 2019
testimonial quote

I trust Jerry! Jerry Williams' honesty, integrity and professionalism is why I use Wright-Patt Realty. Jerry had a buyer looking for a condo which helped the condo sell quickly. Working with Jerry helped my family member remained calm and happy during the process. Jerry made our experience worry free. He is patient and answers all our questions.

Christine C. | Home Seller & Home Buyer
August 12, 2019
testimonial quote

Thank You!

Christopher L.
July 12, 2019
testimonial quote

Jerry was very helpful and made the sale of my brother's home so easy! He was courteous and kind. He was So Knowledgeable about the process. I felt the sale went very smoothly. Thank You So Much Jerry!

Teresa H. | Home Seller
April 8, 2019
testimonial quote

Making us aware of a suitable property to purchase while also conducting business on a rental property was so helpful. Thanks Jerry!

Josh S. | Home Buyer
March 21, 2019
testimonial quote

Thank you, Jerry for your advice and council!

Katherine R | Home Seller
January 31, 2019
testimonial quote

So many things had to go just right to make this transaction work -- and Jerry made it seem Easy!! Thanks so Much!

Jason and Sherie A. Bellbrook/Sugarcreek Twp | Home Buyer
November 26, 2018
testimonial quote

Wright-Patt Realty, Jerry Williams kept me informed throughout the process and followed up after the transaction was completed.

Nancy P. | Home Seller
November 19, 2018
testimonial quote

I was very satisfied with the advice I received and the quick access to listed homes. Jerry Williams was the current property manager and his reputation is why I chose Wright-Patt Realty.

Mathew B., Beavercreek, OH | Home Buyer
November 6, 2018
testimonial quote

Jerry is very knowledgeable and helpful in meeting our needs!

Ron Fairborn, OH | Home Seller
October 18, 2018
testimonial quote

We Love Wright-Patt Realty! Jerry Williams always makes everything with the whole process of moving so smooth, and he is so helpful and really a nice person! He sold our house in less than 24 Hours!! We will always call Jerry if we ever plan to move again!

Dirk and Lorrie Beavercreek to Jamestown, OH | Home Seller & Home Buyer
September 7, 2018
testimonial quote

Thank You Jerry! We really appreciate everything you did to make this a smooth process!

Becca & Chris B., Beavercreek, OH | Home Buyer
August 20, 2018
testimonial quote

Jerry was always available to show homes and answer questions. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone buying or selling a home!

Chris S., Beavercreek, OH | Home Buyer
July 31, 2018
testimonial quote

Jerry was most helpful with his advice on preparing the house (for sale) and was great with pictures! Thanks for Everything!

Jeannie D., Beavercreek, OH | Home Seller
July 12, 2018
testimonial quote

The house we bought needed several repairs based on the inspection and Jerry managed all of them for us! Jerry is extremely honest and does Exactly what he says. He has delivered every promise made, even with a death in his family. We highly recommend Jerry Williams and Wright-Patt Realty, Inc. to anyone interested in buying a home in the Dayton area!

Chris and Cheri Brookville, OH | Home Buyer
April 30, 2018
testimonial quote

My Parents referred me to Jerry Williams, Wright-Patt Realty and I was Very Satisfied! Thanks for Everything!

Matt M. Beavercreek, OH | Home Buyer
February 23, 2018
testimonial quote

I did business with Jerry at Wright-Patt Realty because of his Reputation! He listened to me and Always called me back! I'm Very Satisfied!! I am "homeless" and Feel Free! Thanks!

Becky E. Fairborn, OH | Home Seller
January 8, 2018
testimonial quote

Wright-Patt Realty has handled my home rental since 200 in an excellent and professional manner! I appreciate all they've done for these many years. The Sale went Great!

Trish W. Beavercreek, OH | Home Seller
July 31, 2017
testimonial quote

Jerry was quick to respond to my calls/texts. He set up appointments quickly and made himself available whenever needed to fit my schedule. I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend Jerry and WPR to my friends and family! Thank You!

Kelly G. | Home Buyer
June 30, 2017
testimonial quote

When you do a job, you really do it right! Thanks for your hard work, Jerry Williams! It was greatly appreciated!

Berleen B. | Home Seller
August 29, 2016
testimonial quote

Jerry was very patient with us! As first time home buyers we were a little scattered in where and what we were looking for. We were Very Satisfied with Jerry's service!

Andrew and Cassie M. | Home Seller & Home Buyer
August 3, 2016
testimonial quote

Connie Brown was relentless in an impossible situation. She was kind, thoughtful and never willing to give up. She is worth her weight in gold! I could never thank her enough and will always be indebted to her!

Jeffrey and Angela D. | Home Seller
August 1, 2016
testimonial quote

Sharron Estep was extremely professional and spent lots of time with me! She found me a great house!

Carmen H. | Home Buyer
July 15, 2016
testimonial quote

Jerry is always a pleasure to work with! His reputation influenced us to do business with him and we would recommend him to our friends and family members!

Tom and Melaine B., Seller | Home Seller
July 7, 2016
testimonial quote

Thank you so so much Jerry Williams for your help, assistance, advice, management and selling of our home. We so appreciate everything you did to support us. We would love to work with you again to find a home when we are again in Dayton!

Lyle and Marianne H | Home Seller
March 15, 2016
testimonial quote

Along with being a great Realtor, Mr. Williams has referred us to excellent support services such as loan officer, home inspection agent and painters. His honesty and integrity are top notch in his profession.

Tom and Therese F. | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Thank you for helping our dream come true! The house is exactly what we wanted and more!

Julie and Kyle Abel, Beavercreek to Waynesville | Home Seller & Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Jerry was helpful in many ways--communication, repairs, and meeting our needs and wants. We will always remember his professional and kind demeanor while helping us since we were first time home buyers. Amazing; very knowledgeable! Thank you Jerry! We love our home!

Chastity and Scott | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Jerry was very helpful! Best Realtor we have ever had!

Casey and Elaine C
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Service felt very personalized and honest. Jerry is fantastic! We've been doing business with him for over 12 years and every year he gets better!

Randy and Simone K | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Mr. Williams made buying my first home a very positive, low stress experience. I appreciated his honesty, his low pressure approach and he educated me every step of the way. I would definitely use Wright-Patt Realty again and would recommend them to a friend. Thank you!

Linda B. | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

You provide such great service to your clients and with such knowledge and integrity! You all went far above and beyond—words cannot express how much we appreciate all you have done for us!

Bart and Becca B
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Complete honesty! Timely responses to calls day or night were above and beyond! Not pushy and made you feel more like a friend than business!

Len B.
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

Wright-Patt Realty rented us our house when we moved to Dayton. We were able to purchase our new home with Jerry from Wright-Patt Realty and they got our house rented with a week! Outstanding Service!

Gary and Sun N | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016
testimonial quote

After working the mortgage lending business for 26 years, I have worked with many, many Realtors. Jerry was the most Professional of all of them. Honest, truthful, positive and aggressive marketing. He held my hand through the process especially the house inspection and arranging contractors to complete work. Jerry is the #1 Realtor in every way!

Kent M | Home Buyer
February 17, 2016

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